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    Bob Houlston
    Bob Houlston G4PVB

    Whilst a Morse qualification is not needed by the present day licence, amateurs are realising that they are missing out on a lot of fun and DX by not using Morse, not to mention the fact that they are limiting themselves to part of the total amateur bandwidth available.

    Enhance your experience of listening to SK6SAQ by learning Morse Code. A good place start are my tutorials via: g4pvb.eu.pn

    <acronym title=”May The Morse Be With You”>MTMBWY</acronym> 73 <b>G4PVB</b>/Bob.

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    Bob Houlston
    Bob Houston G4PVB MA3053SWL

    Thanks Juergen, In case it’s useful here is my new Morse code tutorials website: http://g4pvb.eu5.net

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    Juergen Brustat
    Juergen Brustat

    Hi Bob,
    you are 100% right. I did learn Morse Code many years ago, but nowadays it is mostly out of my brain.
    Each time I hear SAQ I regret understanding only small parts of it.
    Therefore revitalizing Morse Code is for me one of those tasks one usually plans at the beginning of a year.
    Wish me good success !
    73 from DL2JMB Juergen Brustat

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