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  • Ian Brooks

    My keyboard is playing up again, the previous e-mail omitted my location which is 15km north of Bournemouth on UK south coast.
    Ian Brooks.

    Ian Brooks

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to everyone. Your signal came in very clearly between 0740 and 0810 this morning. I cannot read Morse, but was able to recognise the repeated “V” characters at the beginning of each sequence, I am using a RTL-2832 DVB-T dongle with up-converter fed from a PA0RDT mini-whip antenna on top of a 3 metre pole on my shed making 5 metre height in total. I use GQRX Linux software on my 7-year old Acer laptop with Centrino Duo 1.6GHz processor.
    Regards, Ian Brooks.

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