To, at site in Grimeton, Sweden, take part of this unique old facility is of course fantastic. Virtually all year it is possible to come to us to see and experience the radio station that has been a World Heritage Site for over ten years. For more information, visit the world heritage site.

Now you can also make a “virtual” visit, if you don’t have the opportunity to come here, or to get a taste – before the trip to Grimeton. Click and drag the mouse over the images, it is possible to look in different directions and walking around the facility (click the upper right corner of the image for full screen mode) . Welcome!

– Overview over the visitor center and the transmission hall.

– The station car from 1931, in front of visitor’s entrance to the transmission hall. 

– Antenna feed line from the transmission hall, out to the antennas.

– Internal view of the transmission hall 

– The alternator and the control panel. 

– Antenna tower no 1 from below.


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