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    Whitham Reeve

    Too much powerline noise at Cohoe, Alaska USA, so I did not receive the broadcast this year.


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      Phil Hayward G0PSD

      I have tried on a couple of occasions to receive Grimeton transmissions without success. I am using an SDR play RSP1 Software Defined Receiver with a long wire (25m) antenna. I was trying to attach a copy of the screenshot from the Christmas Eve transmission which appears to show CW at around 17.8 Khz but have been unable to attach it. Any advice would be most welcome.

      Phil Hayward G0PSD

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      Patrick, ON4CAZ

      Dear Friends of the Alexander association,

      I have received your 2021 Christmas transmission in Belgium, with excellent quality, as you can see in the video posted in the website link box.
      The received signal was very stable throughout the transmission, at a distance of about 880 km from Grimeton.

      Please keep up to good work and the transmissions!

      Best regards,

      Patrick, ON4CAZ

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      Bert Kruyswijk

      Hello dear friends,
      Many thanks for the very nice Christmas Eve transmission on the 24th of december 2021.
      I listen with an active VFL loop and frequency converter with a SO42P mixer and 8 MHz crystal.
      The signal was 569 and I could copy the message easily.
      I very much enjoyed to receive SAQ, just over 42 wavelengths away in JO22na. Hi.
      73, Bert PA1B

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      Hallo Grimeton-Team,
      ich habe sowohl die Tests am 23.12. als auch die Aussendung am 24.12.21 empfangen.
      Mein LOC ist JO62PP.
      Meine Ausrüstung waren ein RSPdx SDRplay an einem Grahn GS5 Antennenverstärker/Preselektor mit Alexanderson-Ferritmodul (drehbar).
      Mit der Antenne konnte man die Sttörungen aus dem Nachbarkanal sehr gut ausblenden.

      Parallel dazu habe ich die sehr interessante Sendung auf YT verfolgt und mich danach auch mit der Geschichte der Station auf den diversen WEB-Seiten vertraut gemacht.
      Ich beschäftige mit seit Anfang 2020 wieder mit dem Kurzwellenempfang, hatte letzte Jahr die Aktivitäten aber verpasst.

      Wie schon von anderen Hörern geschrieben, ist es eine sehr schöne Weihnachtstradition, auf die ich im nächsten Jahr wieder warten werde.
      Bis dahin ist eine Langdraht geplant, mal sehen, wie da die Empfangserfolge sind.
      VY 73 / GeorgRobert

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      Wojciech SP5SMK

      Christmas Eve transmission succesfully received and 100% readable in Rybical near Ryn, NE Poland. Thanks for Christmas and New Year Wishes. 73 de SP5SMK

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      Wolfgang Sprodofsky

      Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

      I have received your Transmission today (24.12.2021) at 8 UTC with RST 479 on 17,2kHz on my QTH 13507 Berlin , loc: JO62PN .

      My Hardware for your Station:

      Ant : End-Fed 24m grounded with many burried radials
      VLF-Converter : (0…600)kHz —> (2000…2600)kHz with Tubes , Home-made
      TRX : FT991A , Mode CW , BW: 100 Hz
      Decoder-SW : CW-Get

      vy 73 es 55 es mry xmas es hny de Wolfgang , DM2SP

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      Ingolf, SM6FHZ

      Thanks a lot for this years Christmas transmission!
      It was received loud and clear in JO57XJ. Distance about 42 km.
      -70 dBm at the input of a RaspSDR at key up and -50 dBm at key down.
      Antenna used was a 135 m terminated Beverage Antenna pointing in 310 degrees.
      I do hope to be able to listen next Christmas again. A very dear Christmas tradition.
      It was very interesting to listen to when the alternator was shut off and the frequency drifted downwards slowly as the signal disappeared into the noise.
      73 / Ingolf, SM6FHZ

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