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    Carl Huether

    Reception varied from 338 to 558 from the testing to the end on a fairly low noise night. Im in a rural area with all my own noisy electronics fully subdued by ferrites.. The neighbors were already in bed.

    Receiver #1 1966 National Radio HRO-500, LF-10 preselector, 230 kHz IF Output with its own 500 Hz multipole LC filter (as built) to Kenwood TS-950SD with cascaded 400 Hz INRAD filters and built in audio filtering.
    Antenna 1500 foot Beverage which is a small wire on 17.2 kHz but nothing in front of it for a mile.

    Receiver #2 1934 RCA designed, WW2 used, US Navy RAK-7 TRF regenerative with built in audio filter and audio limiting which works as AVC.
    Antenna: Same Beverage plus homemade ferrite rod and low noise preamp

    Stereo headphones for either radio or both.

    SAQ was fair to good copy on both receivers and antennas, the RAK-7 had less backround noise due to the very sharp audio filter and was built primarily for CW or damped wave reception. In fact even with the filter switched out the basic selectivity results in very restricted voice audio. This radio is sharp! Read the description at the link above.

    In 8 tries Ive had sufficient copy on 5 of them for a .625 batting average but this is the first time Ive realized this forum existed.


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