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    Mark van Dommelen


    Today I received all 3 transmissions with nice signals in the south part of the Netherlands near the Belgium border. I used a laptop with a 192 khz samplerate USB soundcard (Asus Xonar U7). Antenna is a mini whip in combination with a VLF preamplifier, a low pass filter (550 khz) and a galvanic isolation.


    Mark van Dommelen
    Baarle Nassau
    The Netherlands

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      Erik PE1NOJ

      Today I’ve received all 3 transmissions at 599 Zevenhuizen (ZH) near Rotterdam . Eddystone VLF receiver + miniwhip
      Thank you SAQ team for bringing the station back on the air.

      73’s Erik PE1NOJ

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      Stefan Gerstenberger

      Today I received all 3 broadcasts from SAQ at 8.45, 10.45 and 12.45 UTC. The signal strength was true 599. The receiving equipment was a FT817 and FT857, an LW converter and a self-built loop antenna.
      Thanks for the transfer and good luck! 73!

      Stefan, DL5ASG
      QTH: JO51HK nr Nordhausen

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      Philip Miller Tate

      Clear reception of the first and second transmissions this morning just south of London, UK. Third transmission lost in QRN. Equipment used was a 20 m wire antenna, through a 500 kHz LPF and homebrew 4 MHz upconverter to an Icom R71E.

      73 de Phil M1GWZ

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      GREAT JOB!!!
      I received all 3 transmissions in JN69BD with 549 .

      tnx to the whole SAQ-team

      73, Hans

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      Martin OK1VHB


      Today we received first transmissions with strong signals in Czech Republic JN79DI – close to city Písek. We used two workplaces one primary laptop with integrated soundcard and backup with USB soundcard. We use two antenas just long wire. As software we use SDR RRocky. Pretty nice signal and emotions. Thank you.
      73 Martin OK1VHB

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