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    Wolfgang Fritz

    Very good reception in Northern Germany near Hannover (Locator JO52BJ)

    Find the recording here:

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      Wolfgang Palme

      I am happy to report on my successful reception of this year`s SAQ transmission on United Nations Day 2018 here in Barsinghausen nr. Hannover by using the Grimeton kit direct conversion receiver and the small original magnetic loop only.
      Signal strength was not very strong and behind a constant noise curtain, but the signs were clear and well to copy.
      Next time I will try reception outdoors and away from domestic sources of interference.

      If i could i would send a photo of my faboulos but simple SAQ receiving station.

      73 es 55/
      best regards
      Wolfgang DL8ABH

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      Wolfgang Sprodofsky


      I have received your transmission on 24.10.2018 with good signal RST 579 with magnetic loop antenna (55cm with transformer) , vlf converter (0…600)kHz —> (2000…2600)kHz with tubes and my new transceiver FT991A in Berlin Tegel (loc: JO62PN).

      vy 73 es 55 de Wolfgang , DM2SP

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      Henry – DB3LO

      Hello, it was a very strong transmission! I think it was dark and i haven’t any problems with solarenergy around my home. 🙂
      RX here is, logwire, converter, FIFI-SDR.
      Great Thank you!

      73 – Henry DB3LO

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      Károly YU7AE

      I was yesterday for the first time enjoyed the signals of SAQ at 17.2KHz, great reception 559-579 in Novi Becej , SERBIA, wwLOC KN05bo. Using Yaesu FT-817nd 350Hz CW filter, DATONG VLF converter to 28MHz IF, anntenna was PA0RDT miniwhip in the garden about 6m high. 73 from YU7AE

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      Paolo, I1IMA

      Signals received QSB RST 599-559, FB. Miniwhip hung up a tree + VLF>28MHz converter + Yaesu FT-817ND – only this time on a mount located in N44°31’2,6″ – E09°19’8.8″ – 1209 mtrs high. North East Genoa-Italy. Normally in Genoa. Best 73 to all the staff. Paolo, I1IMA

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      Geir Pettersen

      Very good reception here in Norway, Horten. Antenna was a 15 m longwire connected to VLF converter based on the SA612 IC and a 10 MHz Xtal LO (no antenna-filter). FT-897 / LSB used for the reception.

      73 de LA9ET

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      Sttephen Hatfield

      Bunbury Western Australia
      Very weak but could hear tone. noise high. A recording at
      steveozz 25/10/2018
      Used miniwhip and SAQ software.
      Steve Hatfield

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      Jukka OH2BUA

      Easy copy yesterday in southern Finland, 549.

      73, Jukka
      Iitti, loc. KP30BX

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      Jaap Last

      Reception 20 dB above noise in JO33JC, NE part of the Netherlands. Antenna: 80 mtrs long loop with OP27-amplifier to the soundcard.
      Tnx for all the effort and good luck. Hope to visit Grimeton next year.

      ’73 de Jaap PA0T

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      Alexander Hahn

      Reception was not so good here at Karlsruhe (Loc. JN49ea) because of QRN on my magnetic antenna
      Grahn GS-5SE with my RFspace SDR-IQ. OTOH I got a signal on the electric antenna (G5RV) with my
      SDRplay RSP1a. Signal was about 435. But that was due to the place, as there is big machinery
      in the basement (a water turbine and electrical generator) and lots of QRN.
      Hope you had a beautiful day up there at Grimeton!
      Vy 73, Alex – DH2ID

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      Corrado IZ3FJU

      Very good signal in Verona (North of Italy) listening to SAQ using 7 m long vertical antenna, pushpull dual gate MOS-fet preamp and PC soundcard. Wonderful . 73

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      Eric HB9EOY Geneva

      Good réception with your receiver kit😀

      73′ from Geneva Switzerland

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      Josef Sommer


      today I could receive SAQ with a verry good signal in an quality that I never heard before vom Grimeton.
      I used an upconverter to 10 Mhz und a Shortwave receiver.
      My antenna was a hommade AM loop-antenna.

      Greetings from Meschede in Germany JO41DI
      Vy 73 Josef, DL8DBN

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      Alex R6LDD/1

      Very good reception in Russia (Locator KO89WC)
      HDSDR RF record

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