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    Alexander Hahn

    At Karlsruhe, JN49ea, received S7-S8 Q5 with HF Hexbeam and WinRadio G305e.
    We had a lot of fun receiving your text at our club station.
    Copied the whole text. Tnx es vy 73 es mri xmas, Alex DH2ID

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      Thanks to all for the XMAS transmission. Good reception at Aachen (Germany) using a tuned ferrite rod antenna with a RedPitaya SDR.

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      Gerald, DG0LAF / Hans, DK8RE

      Merry chrismas to all members of the team in Grimeton !
      Thanks for the transmission, beginning with “vvv de SAQ” to 0740 UTC.
      We recived your XMAS-transmission here in QTH: Mühlberg/Elbe nr Dresden (JO61OK) with S 8-9, Q 5.
      RIG : Pegelmessempfänger MV62 von PRÄCITRONIC Dresden and 42 m Longwire.
      All the best for 2016 de Gerald, DG0LAF and Hans, DK8RE from the District Brandenburg !

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      Rainer Englert DF2NU

      Dear Grimeton-Team.
      I received your Christmas transmission from 24.12.2015 at 08:00 UTC perfectly
      well near Munich in Southern Germany. My RX was a FA-SDR with an active
      magnetic loop antenna 10m hiho tn the rooftop. Signal was S9+20 dB and S/N
      was about 20 dB.

      The following text was read;
      73 de Rainer DF2NU

      cq cq ca de saq saq saq =

      this is grimeton radio/saq in a transmission using the alexanderson
      200 ii 200 kW alternator on 17,2 kHz =

      in 2006 ii 2006 we started our christmas transmissions and
      we will again wish you all a merry christmas an a happy new year =

      signed as the world heritage at grimeton and the alexander grimeton
      veteranradios association ar =

      for qsl info please read our website:
      _www.alexander.n.se_ ii _www.alexander.n.se_

      de saq saq saq sk

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      Jean Claude Buffet F6EJU

      Many thanks for this transmission well received on the French Riviera near the city of Menton.
      HF vertical antenna with pre-amplifier and computer using Spectrumlab.
      Merry Christmas to the team
      Jean Claude QTH Sospel JN33RV

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      Merry Christmas to all of the SAQ team! And a Happy New Year! You did a good job!
      Received your XMAS transmission with R5 S5-7 using the soundcard of HP Elitebook PC in connection with tuned LC circuit (18 uH – 4.7 nF) and simple groundplane.
      Very helpful for decoding was SpectrumLab SW. Copied whole text.
      Tnx es cuagn + 73 de DK2RT in Konstanz JN47OQ

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