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Rabbe Fogelholm

There is now a new version of gerke-decoder: 3.1.0. This version fixes a coding fault – now decoding works well also in case there is a period of silence at the beginning of the recording.

A new option -M has been added, whereby histograms of tone lengths and space lengths can be drawn. Have a look here: https://privat.bahnhof.se/wb748077/radio/2023-02-13-grimeton/

As before, the program source and build instructions are here: https://github.com/fowlay/gerke-decoder

Building from source is straightforward on Linux. Alternatively you may use this pre-built executable jar: https://privat.bahnhof.se/wb748077/radio/3.1.0/gerke-decoder.jar – you simply run it with “java -jar gerke-decoder.jar”

Comments, questions and suggestions are welcome! You can reach me in this forum, or on github.


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