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Chris AJ1G

Copied both transmissions at Barn Island Wildlife Reservation, Stonington CT USA on Alexanderson Day 2023. About R3 during the first transmission in heavy static crashes on the Wandel u Goltermann AT-611 Selective Level Meter with a 200 foot trailing wire on ground (TWOG) antenna on the salt marsh. Static crashes were peaking about -80 dBm above nominal -110 to .120 dBm noise floor. On second transmission, used just the Volvo XC60 roof mounted 80 meter Hamstick mobile whip instead of the TWOG. R5 copy with much less static crashing, even though SAQ signal levels were down at -100 dBm or so.

The W u G SLM was powered from a LiIon portable jump start 12V battery and a 100W switched mode power supply 12V DC to 120VAC inverter. On the second transmission I used a 4 AH Ryobi 18V LiIon electric tool battery and a Ryobi 120 watt 12-18VDC to 120 V AC inverter. It only used about 25 percent of its battery charge in the nominal 1 hour I had the WuG powered up from it! No interference from the inverters on either transmission. The reception site site is very quiet, no man made electrical noise, the nearest power lines and residences are over a half a mile away.

What was RF power level to the antenna during the two transmissions?

Was SK6SAQ on the air during the event? I listened on 40 and 20 meters but did not hear any SK6SAQ activity here on the published frequencies.
Thanks to all of the staff at SAQ for putting on a great event!


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