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Jörg Hofstetter

Hi Fredrik,

thank you very much for the detailed explanation of the Morse transmission in Grimeton.
I will now make a diagram or two about it and explain the principle with some text as simple as possible. If it’s ok for you, I’ll send you a draft, for a review (by email? my email ist: hofstetter.luzern@bluewin.ch).
After that I will try to put this text in the German Wiki (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/L%C3%A4ngstwellensender_Grimeton). We you are interested, we can discuss how to proceed with the English wiki (since I am not English speaking, I need some support).

Idea: A colleague of mine was visiting Grimeton. It was difficult for him to follow the English explanations. Why not put up a QR code on the wiki entries of different languages on a wall? (There is free software for QR codes, I could help).

Jörg Hofstetter


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