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Hi everybody in Grimeton, this was a good experience in the lowest band I every worked with.
Reception in northern Germany, 52 N, 10 E, was perfect. The last days I could already prepare some set up for the reception. I used my Fritzel multi-band vertical antenna (about 6 meter of vertical radiation element with some amateur-radio-band traps included), 50 meter of 50 Ohm coax, then the key element for noise-free reception, a 1:1 (600 Ohms) transformer (taken from an old commercial telephone modem unit) and coupled this direct into a sound card of a laptop.
Two points to know: do not use the laptops switching power supply while receiving, it adds about 10 dB of broad band noise.
Second, I needed a good low pass to suppress the high power AM radio transmitter on 756 kHz near by. So my little transformer worked as this filter, all active components as diodes to protect the sound card input only demodulate the AM radio station.
Reception of your signal was 15 dB above noise floor, very clearly readable with 50 Hz filter. Decoding of the morse code was performed with an Apple-Ipod with the APP “morse-it”. The loop with VVV DE SAQ could be perfectly decoded, the hand-coded message was not very accurate in timing, so the software could not decode easily.
Thank you very much for this event,
Rolf DD7AK


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