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Juergen Brustat DL2JMB

Maybe I was a bit narrow-minded in limiting the presentation in the SAQ RECEIVER GALLERY
to hardware receivers. The receiver is only part of the equipment and
antenna, recorder, any evaluation gear, even the power supply, they all are important too.
Anybody who has a new idea in software equipment should be equally welcome.
Even having had no reception might be interesting in order to teach others how to do it better.

I am convinced that within a very short time there will be many, many contributions to the gallery
from all over the world. I myself own about a dozen sets usable for SAQ reception,
ranging from 27 tube LF receiver Collins R-389 over level meters to home-built regens.
Each time SAQ is active, I try another equipment and I would like to describe them all with features,
advantages and disadvantages.
So, friends of SAQ, wherever you may be, follow me ! DL2JMB Juergen Brustat


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