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Alexander Hahn

Hejhej from Karlsruhe/Germany JN49ea at 0840 (VVV DE SAQ) and 0900 (Transmission)

I received your transmission with three stations:
1. Flex 6500 and longwire RST 458
2. SDR-IQ and Grahn GS5SE with a power ferrite module RST 579
3. Siemens D2008 Level Meter and 100 kHz output into a WinRadio G305 with a homebuilt frame antenna RST 599

I received a very good signal and was quite surprised that my homebuilt frame antenna and the Siemens D2008,
which is a measurement instrument and can be used as a receiver for VLF (200Hz!!!) to HF.
I’m very intersted in the second transmission today, which I will receive with new antenna and RX constellations.

73, Alex DH2ID


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