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Willy, OE3WYC

Hello from Vienna, Austria,
tried the first time. Actually quite fine reception. Didn’t expect that signal strength.
Sure, there was a lot of QRN.
Using an FD4 against ground and a parallel resonant circuit on the sound card input.
Following text received:
” […] vvv vvv vvv de saq saq […]
cq cq cq de saq saq saq –
this is grimeton radio/saq in a transmission using the alexanderson 200 kw alternator on 17.2 khz. –
it is now 20 years since the alexander association started, then mostly with members of earlier and present employees at grimeton radio/saq.
we are now 650 members and of them 26 none swedish.
the station is nowadays managed by grimeton world heritage foundation.
signed: world heritage grimeton radio station and the alexander-grimeton veteranradios vaenner association. <ar>
for qsl info please read our website: https://www.alexander.n.se
de saq saq saq sk ”

sorry for the really bad single-handed video-quality:

best 73! de oe3wyc, Willy


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