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Richard Lorenzen

Hallo again Lutz

Earlier I wrote of my visits to the Alexanderson Alternator at Grimeton. If I may elaborate. I am again and again I am amazed by the very great level of everything with the Alexanderson Alternator itself, and also especially the people who care for it, repair it and operate it. The technicians and engineeers with SAQ are of the highest level of expertise and have incredible understanding of all of the elements of the Alexanderson Alternator and its operation and care – every detail.

There has been in sommar a special education class in the operation of the Alexanderson Alternator, including a tour of many of the elements of the Alexanderson Alternator.

The site itself is very interesting. There is a new Visitors Center building, which is mostly modern in design and at first I questioned the modern design – that it is somewhat out of place with the Alternator Hall. From the modern Visitors Center is a short walk of approximately 50 meters to the Alternator Hall. Then I have come to realize that
the walk from modern to 1924 is exactly that – in 50 meters distance is also travel in time back to 1924, and it is almost as though Alexanderson himself might be waiting for us at his Alternator.

Visiting the Alexanderson Alternator at Grimeton is an experience that will not be forgotten. It is obvious that the people who now care for the Alexanderson Alternator are as though Alexanderson himself chose and trained these people to the highest level.

I encourage everyone to visit the Alexanderson Alternator and also study with the special class in sommar. It is very special. I have visited five times and I hope that I can visit five times more. Studying history and the achievements of many years ago gives us special perspective of events then and now.

Richard M. Lorenzen
Lincoln, Nebraska, United States of America


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