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Robin Gruber

Hello Michael,

thanks for your interest! Your location in Westerheim would be almost perfect when I manage to record the next transmission properly. Since I am no radio amateur (electrical engineer, we can discuss S-parameters, noise figures and antenna gains…) we would have to use mail communication.
Could you please simply record the next transmission (X-mas if it takes place or/and the one next Juli)? Preferred in baseband with 48kHz sample rate, so I could do all the filtering in software. Alternatively you could record the mixed down signal with the (nominal 17.2kHz) carrier shifted to 500Hz and as much bandwidth as possible and mail it (we can use German then of course 😉 ) to archi(at)robinsnest.de?
And I will try to get a professional signal with my unprofessional equipment. 😉


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