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Chris Bowne, AJ1G

Merry Christmas All! Sad to say, I think I missed the transmission! I had my Wandell und Goltermann AT-611 selective level meter all set up in our Tacoma 4X4. pickup, powered from a 100 watt DC to AC inverter, using my 40 meter Hamstick mobile antenna at about 0030 local here. I settled down for a quick nap, with plans to be on station at Stonington Point, CT at about 0230 to catch the tune up and then the transmission. (I did id not get local command approval to deploy to Pt. Judith, RI , She said to far there and back!) I woke up at exactly 0300 local/0800 UTC here and ran down to the truck to get underway for Stonington Point. I had the W und G on to listen enroute, but was always in high power line noise fields until I arrived on site around 0812 UTC, The noise level on the W und G there was at about -100 dBM and I could hear infrequent static crashes, but no SAQ. NWC from Northwest Cape Australia on 19.8 kc and NPM from Oahu Hawaii on 21.4 kc were both pounding in with +20 dB and +30 dB SNR respectively. What time did the SAQ message transmission end? I heard SK6SAQ on 7035 kc but not very strong, and did not break through the EU stations they were working. ZLs were actually the strongest signals on the Point on 40 CW this morning, I have worked them from the Point in the Tacoma mobile setup with just 5 watts to the Hamstick antenna on 40 meter CW using an Elecraft K1.. I heard a verbal report later this morning on 75 meters that a station further west of me in CT did in fact receive SAQ very well, better than in previous years.

73 and God Bless you all on Christmas and in the New Year! Time to go to the live stream video replay to see and hear what i missed!


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