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YO8SXX – amateur radio
Reception Report

Date: 24.12.2016
Frequency: 17,2 KHz
Mode: CW
UTC: start time – (tune up transmitter) 07:40
start time – (message) 08:00
end time – 08:04 UTC
Signal report: 569 / very quiet band / some static noise

Message received:

vvv vvv vvv de saq saq saq ……
cq cq cq de saq saq saq =
this is grimeton radio/saq in a transmission using the alexanderson 200 kw alternator on 17.2 khz =
we sincerely wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year=
signed : the world heritage at grimeton and the alexander-grimeton veteranradios vaenner association a^r =
for qsl info please read our website : https://www.alexander.n.se ii https://www.alexander.n.se =
de saq saq saq s^k

Received and written: Radu Chisăliţă – YO8SXX

– The entire transmission, including the tuned up transmitter and the final message has been audio recorded
– Receiving equipment: VLF converter 10-300 KHz to 10,01-10,3 MHz, Yaesu FT1000 MP transceiver, loop antenna for 40 m amateur band, audio interface for PC recording.


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