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Laszlo Nyitrai

Hello!, for about 10 years ago, I´m found this Reciver , MURPHY B 41 ( 15 – 640 Khz ) ( I Was Bought cheap in the Swedish Way of “E-Bay” ( ” http://www.tradera.com” They just stated as “U – Bout reciver” ( ” As It Is” ) , but no more an a few was bidden, så I got it för ( What at it WAS WERY CHEAP” ) , ????,,,,,I Diden´t get more
than 15 – 50 ( “L” ) ( GBP ) , For it, I have the orginal manual ( Service / Instrucktion????? ) whatever at vhat i nowdays skeen, IT VAS A BARGIN!!!, O.k the tube EF 22 / ( CV 303 ) But There is qite common, , Because almost none searc after those,,,,,,,,,,,They are No “HI FI” Tubes!!!!!, It Vas after i found this forum, I got intresd in my reciver, I Will restore it, because it always complete, Just to have get the tubes and “Fix” a power supply For it., and i want for a suiteble antenna for Reciving “GRIMMETON” ( next time they will send ) / Regards Laszlo


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