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Stefano Canavesi


This is my QSL for today’s transmission, 1 May 2018.

Location: Comano, Switzerand.

Distance from Grimeton: 1256 Km

Receiver: one tube Colin B. Kennedy Mod. 110, produced from 1921 to 1925, covering all frequencies between 12,5 Khz to 2 Mhz. Power Supply: batteries

Audio amplifier: Colin B. Kennedy Mod. 525. Power Supply: batteries

Loudspeaker: Isophon Epsilon, high impedance, ca. 1930.

Antenna: Chirio Mini Whip

Much QRM because of low selectivity, but understandable.
Perhaps this is the first QSL you receive, having used a receiver older than the transmitter?

Youtube video clip:

Best regards

Stefano Canavesi


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