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Wilfried, DJ1WF

I confirm the clear reception of all three transmissions on July first in JO42SH, Leveste (14km southwest of Hannover) There was a lot of QRN, but SAQ was much louder. We met this day with ten people, 8 OMs and 2 unlis for our “SAQ-RX-Party”. Not all of them were present during all three transmissions, but not less than 5 people at the same time were present during finest and warm weather conditions. We used different equipment to hear SAQ. Homebrew VLF converters with internal FET preamplifier and following HF TRXes were used as well as two VLF Pocket RXes and also a receiver with ferrite Antenne. With all these receivers the SAQ signal was picked up well. Between the transmissions we had a barbeque and heard the broadcast signal from Radio DARC, a weekly radio transmission on 6070 kHz from 11.00 to 12.00 MESZ. with a homebrew tube receiver.
The last transmission was a little bit weaker than the others, but still good to hear. I am not sure if the signal was weaker, or if the QRN was louder during the third ransmission. But in all cases we could hear the signals well. It was a great fun again to hear the old lady working and we are happy ant thankful you keep her running.
Best wishes from all of us, we would be happy if there would be lots of other transmissions in the future.
Vy 73 de DJ1WF, Wilfried from Leveste nearby Hannover

If you want you can watch a short video from our SAQ RX Party on Youtube:


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