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Eilert, DL9BDM

Thank you for the transmission today! Received here in the northwestern part of Germany with an SSB LAN-SDR, signal strenght was about -110 dBm (S 4 – 5). Your message was complete readable (R5). My antenna is a 27 wire L configuration about 8 Meters above ground, not tuned to VLF. I used in this configuration a homemade converter with SO42P IC, wich converts the signal to the 10 MHz range.

Also my Siemens E311 with the SO42P converter give a good reception (RST 559) of your transmission today (in interaction with the converter an the vertical above).

Test transmission starts ca. 7.35 UTC with “VVV de SAQ SAQ SAQ” etc. XMAS-Message follows at 8.00 to 8.04 UTC.

73 & have a nice day!


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