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Dear guys,

first of all : thank you for posting my QSL report with the telegraph picture at your front page !

XMAS morning I tried to receive your signal again and used a different receiver but again the telegraph
from W.Gurlt to write your message on a paper strip !
It worked again !
Signal was about -105 dBm, very clear and stable

My station :
antenna – 2 element beam for 7/10 MHz which works surprisingly well on VLF
attenuator 10 dB
up-converter to 10017.2 kHz
RX – FT1000MP with 500 Hz filter in the 1st and 2nd IF
homebrew AF detector for generating the pulses for the telegraph
telegraph : W.Gurlt, Berlin, 1880

Thank you very much for that successful operation – I’ve enjoyed it !



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