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Dear Duncan,
According to the “Manual for the telegraph co.” (“Handbok för Telegrafverket”) from 1933, they were using the 2-line Creed-system perforator and punch hole reader at Gothenburg Radio. The signal was then relayed to the Grimeton radio station over the telephone line.
The Creed system is a further development of the original Wheatstone system.
At the radio station, we are in the possess of a perforator and punch hole reader from those days, both seems to be for field use.

The punch hole reader used at our start-up sequence, is a “Hell” 5-line type, of a more modern style, propably introduced when Morse code was replaced by Telex/Teletype and frequency shift. For example, the radio telegram connection between Sweden (Grimeton) and New York via Tanger, was using this 5-line system however with slightly higher speed (60 Baud) than with Telex/Teletype (50 resp. 45 Baud).

Fredrik / AlexanderSAQ (with lots of assistance from Ola Hernvall)


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