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In general: SAQ transmits signal on 17.2 kHz.
It can be received by any receiver which has VLF band – it is Very Long Wave band, not usual on portable radios and public receivers (which usually start at 100 kHz at the best).
Radioamateurs-beginners usually use soundcard input (for microphone) in their PC/laptop + various self-made antennas – the simplest solution is so-called long-wire antenna.
Try to “google” the details.
Use your laptop with charged battery with switched-off appliances in your house or flat (active charging as well as home appliances incl. LED light sources produce interference signals which can disturb SAQ reception; or just go outside) and simple VLF antenna ( https://www.google.cz/search?q=simple+vlf+antenna ).
Not much time till Christmas, so hurry up and good luck!


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