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N7MSD Mike

Is not possible to directly hear electromagnetic Waves.

Actually that’s not quite true: amplitude-modulated microwaves can be beamed into a person’s head and they will hear them. However at lower bands there is not enough coupling. This latter is very easy to prove: stand next to a MW/AM broadcast transmitter’s mast (aerial / antenna), especially a big 50kW one; you might hear the transmission audio from the antenna tuner / coupler (the box right next to the mast) but not actually inside your head. Likewise, if your phone can be forced to GSM (TDMA) mode, make a call and see if you hear clicks inside your head; you won’t.

At VLF the coupling to a human-sized object is so minimal that even with the power they are running nothing would happen unless you were sloppy enough to touch a live line, in which case you would have bigger problems to worry about! 🙁


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