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Louis Carrier

My first successfull reception!
The antenna is a 40 turn untuned loop in my backyard feeding an OPA27 preamp in front of a SDRplay RSP2pro.
A Thinkpad laptop on battery power running SDRuno completed the setup.

High gusts of wind made it difficult to keep the loop from falling. QRM was moderate and the signal clearly discernable by ear and on the waterfall.
What a relief to be able to ear “VVV VVV de SAQ” after a failed attempt last june 30th.

SINPO was 23353.
The QTH is St-Georges, 90 km South of Québec city, Québec, Canada.

A special thank to the great team at Grimeton for this exceptional Christmas gift.
Keep up the good work of keeping this historical great piece of technology on the air.

73s de VE2EZD


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