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Pat Piscini

Today, December 25, 2019 at 13:15UTC continuing until at least 13:30UTC I received a morse code signal on AM at 9805khz. The text sent was TIOAAA7. This was being repeated in rapid succession. This sounded like hand sent, as with a straight key, morse code at approximately 15 words pe minute. Signal report was 578 to North Greece New York, about 2km from Lake Ontario, and North West of Rochester New York. There was also what seemed to be a background signal pulsing at approximately 4 cycles per second. Receiving equipment was a Yaesu FRG8800 with a 60 foot shortwave receiving antenna sloping from 2 meters up to 10 meters.
I do not know if what I was hearing was a harmonic of the alternator or something completely different. The signal was solid copy the entire time I listened, and I unfortunately had to leave home just after 13:30 or I would have continued to monitor the transmission. Pat Piscini, KD2WL, submitted 25 December 2019.


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