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Mike N7MSD

Watched both YouTube broadcasts from work as I do third shift / grave yard. I am in northern Phoenix, Arizona, SW USA but the noise floor is hopelessly being too urbanized and near an industrial area.

Near the end of the 2nd TX I turned on the Utah Web SDR (www.sdrutah.org) on one of the Kiwi Rx and tried to listen but heard nothing. I *DID* hear NMC Exmouth, (North) Western Australia on 19.8 KHz booming in along with most of the other US VLF stations in that range. The antenna is a wire log-periodic conceptually similar to the one in your yard and not optimal at all for (V)LF work; its meant for 3-30 MHz but the site’s low noise floor (on the north side of the Great Salt Lake) makes 160m work okay.

I also tried the more local W7RNA Kiwi in Sedona around 200km north of me but it has a bad antenna, high local noise, and (I am pretty sure) a high pass filter so little was heard there.

Hopefully one day I can set up a decent receive system (low noise floor and good VLF antenna) to try to catch you guys here in the American SouthWest.

Oh, and I’m sure you know, it is our Independence Day here, so watching the sparklers in the relays was an additional fun bit of “fire works” 🙂

73’s and enjoy the mere 25C (it doesn’t get anywhere near that here at this time of year).


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