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Whitham Reeve

Delayed response due to receiver system and spectra recorder at the remote Cohoe Radio Observatory in Alaska. Finally was able to retrieve the recordings on 9 July.

Reception was very weak due to over-the-North Pole and Greenland route of almost 7000 km. Signals were too weak to copy the CW (with 150 Hz filter) but were clearly visible in the spectra recorded by an SDRPlay SDRduo receiver,SDRuno software and 1.2 m diagonal square loop antenna.

I noted that the frequency was a little low – the spectra indicated 17.182 kHz most of the time with some drift. Some of the frequency error may be due to the receiver (I believe < 2 or 3 Hz). I did not see the frequency ever drift up to 17.200 kHz except occasionally rapid sweeps lasting a second or two.

Working now to narrow the receiver CW filter and will listen again to see if the audio can be decoded.


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