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    Wanted to show a picture of my receiver here, hope there is a preview possible inside the post :

    My battery tube receiver


    in reply to: SAQ Transmissions on July 5th, 2020 (NOT FOR QSL) #8164
    in reply to: SAQ Transmissions on July 5th, 2020 (NOT FOR QSL) #8137

    Dear SAQ Team,

    will try to receive your signal with my homebrew VLF tube receiver with battery tubes – concept from 1919 book “Vacuum Tubes in Wireless Communication”

    Hope to hear you tomorrow !


    in reply to: SAQ transmissions on July 1st, 2018 #6893

    Dear guys in Grimeton,

    thank you very much for posting my receiving equipment (telegraph) on your webpage !
    That motivates me to try new, crazy things for SAQ receiving experiments.

    Received your XMAS transmission with good signal and the telegraph was used again
    for writing the CW signs on a strip of paper.

    You made my XMAS


    in reply to: Christmas Eve Morning Transmission 2018 #6892

    Dear guys,

    first of all : thank you for posting my QSL report with the telegraph picture at your front page !

    XMAS morning I tried to receive your signal again and used a different receiver but again the telegraph
    from W.Gurlt to write your message on a paper strip !
    It worked again !
    Signal was about -105 dBm, very clear and stable

    My station :
    antenna – 2 element beam for 7/10 MHz which works surprisingly well on VLF
    attenuator 10 dB
    up-converter to 10017.2 kHz
    RX – FT1000MP with 500 Hz filter in the 1st and 2nd IF
    homebrew AF detector for generating the pulses for the telegraph
    telegraph : W.Gurlt, Berlin, 1880

    Thank you very much for that successful operation – I’ve enjoyed it !


    in reply to: SAQ transmissions on July 1st, 2018 #6502

    Dear Grimeton SAQ Team,

    you made our day at the amateur radio club station DF0SAX near Dresden ! 3 successful transmissions – amazing.
    Several people brought their equipment and we received your signal with 5 different antenna types and several
    receivers. More details may follow. Just for now:
    signal was always well above noise (after we switched off all noise sources around us) and we could receive
    your signal with all used antennas:
    – resonant loop
    – non-resonant loop
    – 26m vertical antenna
    – ferrite rod antenne
    – Mini-whip (electrical field antenna)
    with different receivers.
    One of the highlights was writing down the Morse code with 2 telegraphs which are much older than the transmitter in Grimeton !

    1) German telegraph Gebr. Naglo
    2) German telegraph W. Gurlt telegraph
    both from around 1880 !

    We were able to get the Morse code with ink on the paper clear and readable – no problems ! I will send you the paper strip with the 1st message by mail.
    The only issue came up at the end of the 1st message when your TX was drifting and the signal was going down.
    I think you noticed this also on your side.

    Some impression in the following video (I hope the link works):
    SAQ at DF0SAX – some impressions

    in reply to: SAQ Transmission on May 1st 2018 #6278

    my first attempt to receive the SAQ today. Signal was good but I expected it stronger.

    Antenna : shortwave beam 30/40m which works surprisingly good at VLF
    RX: homebrew converter + FT1000MP

    additional :
    German telegraph from 1880 (Gerb. Naglo, Berlin) to write the Morse code to paper strip

    Had a lot of noise here around 17 kHz, therefore the decoder was only able to deliver
    some fragments of the text but I could hear and write it down manually without big problems.
    Your signal was lower than MSF60 from UK, which is > 1000 km from here, much more than
    the distance to Grimeton.
    Thanks for your effort and the successful transmission today !

    Written by telegraph from 1880

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