Hem SAQ Forum SAQ Transmissions Reception Report Oct. 24, 2023 – Could Not Hear Svar till: Reception Report Oct. 24, 2023 – Could Not Hear

Christoph Gaessler DL6SEZ

Hello Mac,

please use the Reception Form on the main page for today transmission, also for no reception!


Here reports, also no reception reports, don’t make any sense.

Hints for reception: Use an active antenna like MiniWhip in adequate hight above ground, or an active loop and a good SDR Receiver and lower the bandwidth there to 100Hz. You should power everything by battery and keep out of rural areas if possible. So you might get a signal to hear 🙂
Today in Germany it was, as “standard” with my equipment 18dB SNR at 100Hz bandwidth.

73 de Chris DL6SEZ


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