Hem SAQ Forum SAQ Transmissions 2024-12-24 Reception Reports Svar till: 2024-12-24 Reception Reports


No copy near Tucson Arizona. Used both a home built high-Q ferrite rod and active amplifier and the AMRAD active whip to a Flex-6600 receiver. Heard FUE on 68.5, Kerlouan FR for the first time so conditions were fairly good. Lightening crashes were occurring from storms in the SE U.S.
The on-line video of the machine start-up was fascinating. Thank you for making this available. I will recommend the video to our local radio club members.
Lastly, I noticed the CW send speed was 13 words per minute or so. Weak signal VLF reception is greatly aided if the CW is sent very slowly. This is due to the audio ringing of very narrow IF and audio filtering. If possible, I recommend sending the VVV SAQ SAQ SAQ during the warm up a few times very slowly, perhaps 4 WPM. This will enable the filter ringing to stop, thus bringing the CW out of the noise for very weak signal copy. I’m not sure if the machine is capable of very slow CW. Perhaps the contactors or speed control cannot accommodate.
Thank you for maintaining and bringing the spectacular SAQ machine-transmitter back on-the-air. 73, Ed, KI6R Tucson, AZ


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