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Alexander Hahn

very good signal here today. I was able to decode allmost all.
Signal was -80dB RST 579 in JN49ea, karlsruhe, Germany.
Software: SDR console
Filter: JG-LPF74
Cable: H100/25 mtrs.
Antenna: Grahn active magnetic antenna, ferrite module

Decoded text:

cq cq de saq saq saq = this is grimeton radio/saq in a transmission using the alexanderson 200 kw alternator on 17.2 khz. = in view of the present pandemic covid-19 we want to pay tribute to all parties concerned with the care (…) knowing that the efforts will pay effect eventually = signed: world heritage grimeton radio station and the alexander grimeton veteranradios vaenner association AR = for qsl info please read our website: https://www.alexander.n.se = AR de saq saq saq

Thank you for your effort, vy 73 and stay healthy!

Alex, DH2ID


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