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Sanyi, HA3PG

Thanks to the SAQ Team, it was an interesting experiment listening to the 100 years old machine, generating RF (or should I call it AF?) signal. Details in a few words below.

– QTH: Pecs, Hungary, Maidenhead grid JN96DB

– RX: MSi.SDR (later RSP1A in the afternoon) + converter to 10MHz built with an SA612 and modest front LPF to cut LF, MF and above

– ANT: Miniwhip (the classical circuit with J310 + 2N5109) at about 8m height on a pine tree, 10-12m away from the house, proper CMC filtering and grounding on about 40m length of 75 Ohm coax

– Signal: 599+ both morning and afternoon transmissions, I did not check exact level but definitely very strong and solid signal in spite of some digital QRM on the frequency

I also tried without the converter and any front filtering in the afternoon. The RX was suffering from strong IMD but still solid copy at about 579/589.

A short 1 min capture can be checked here:


Once again, thanks to all members of the SAQ staff, 73 and stay healthy, old boys.

Sanyi, HA3PG


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