Erik Knol / PE1NOJ (moved from comments)

cq cq de saq saq saq = this is grimetonradio/saq in at ransmission
using the alexanderson 200kw alternator on 17.2khz = 90 ii 90 years
ago, on july 2nd ii 2nd, grimetonradiostation/saq was inaugurated ii
inaugurated by his majesty gustaf v ii gustaf v, king of sweden.
nowadays the site is open for everyone and belongs to all people of
the world = signed: world heritage grimeton and the alexander-grimeton
veteranradios vaenner association =for qsl info please read our
website:www.alexander.n.se ii https://www.alexander.n.se = – info = we are we
are sorry but the transmission at 09:00 wtc did not work because ii
because of a short circuit in the antenna and no transmission was
possible = de saq saq saq SK

signal received at 448
antenna Miniwhip and Eddystone VLF receiver

73’s Erik Knol PE1NOJ