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    We will remind you of the Grimeton Radio/SAQ transmission on VLF frequency 17.2 kHz, CW, with the Alexanderson 200 kW alternator  on “ALEXANDERSON DAY,  Sunday, June 28th, at 09:00 UTC and12:00 UTC (11:00 and 14:00 SVT).

    We will start tuning up some 30 minutes before the message.

    There will be activity on amateur radio frequencies during the day with the call SK6SAQ.


    –  7,035 CW or 14,035 CW

    –  3,755 SSB

    –  145,700/145,100 VHF FM repeater (R-4/RV-56)

    QSL to SK6SAQ via SM bureau.


    QSL-reports on SAQ transmissions are kindly received:

    – E-mail to: info@alexander.n.se
    – or via: SM bureau
    – or direct by mail to: Alexander – Grimeton Veteranradios Vaenner,

    Radiostationen Grimeton 72
    SE-432 98 GRIMETON
    S    W    E    D    E    N

    The radio station will be open to visitors from 08:00 to 14:00 UTC (10:00 to 16:00 SVT).


    Also read our web site: https://www.alexander.n.se

    Lars Kalland



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    Club Station SP9MOA (moved from comments)

    Thank you for publishing our pictures. We send the video :)


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    Alois Wolf / DK4PB (moved from comments)

    War eine tolle Sendung, sehr gut hier in Deutschland aufzunehmen.
    Antenne: 60 m Longwire
    Receiver: Telefunken ELK639
    Signale: 599

    Danke für die QSL-Karte!

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    Erik Knol / PE1NOJ (moved from comments)

    cq cq de saq saq saq = this is grimetonradio/saq in at ransmission
    using the alexanderson 200kw alternator on 17.2khz = 90 ii 90 years
    ago, on july 2nd ii 2nd, grimetonradiostation/saq was inaugurated ii
    inaugurated by his majesty gustaf v ii gustaf v, king of sweden.
    nowadays the site is open for everyone and belongs to all people of
    the world = signed: world heritage grimeton and the alexander-grimeton
    veteranradios vaenner association =for qsl info please read our
    website:www.alexander.n.se ii https://www.alexander.n.se = – info = we are we
    are sorry but the transmission at 09:00 wtc did not work because ii
    because of a short circuit in the antenna and no transmission was
    possible = de saq saq saq SK

    signal received at 448
    antenna Miniwhip and Eddystone VLF receiver

    73’s Erik Knol PE1NOJ

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    Karl Hengl / OE1KHU (moved from comments)

    Tut mir leid Kolege- Ich habe ueber Utwente 12 uhr Sendung aufgenommen und ueber den PERSEUS-mit der Flat-Loop-43 mH/Q 105.
    Diesmal war das Signal Ausgezeichnet(bestes Signal der letzten 10 Jahre!).
    Die aufzeichnung kann bei mir abgehöhrt werden oder im Klub OE1.
    Gruß KARL oe1khu

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    Richle Hermann / OE3RV (moved from comments)

    Danke für Ihre E-Mail und die Nachricht. Ich konnte SAQ um 09h nicht hören und dachte das Problem ist sicher auf meiner Seite. Wir hatten Besuch so konnte ich die zweiter Sendung um 1200 Uhr nicht aufnehmen. Es tut mir leid. Ich bin froh daß Sie den Fehler rasch ausbessern konnten.
    Ich danke für Ihre Bemühungen um den Sender und bin immer froh wenn ich SAQ hören kann
    Herzliche Grüße oe3rv Hermann

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    Michael Landherr /http://www.de0mkh.com/ (moved from comments)

    RX: YAESU FT817ND + LW_Konverter – http://www.funkamateur.de
    Ant: 120 m Langdraht
    PC: Netbook Toshiba Win 7
    Software: MultiPSK

    sauberes Signal, kaum Störungen 579

    Standort: Teufelskeller / nr. Köthen Sachsen Anhalt
    Locator: JO51WV
    51 54 30 N
    11 54 30 O
    Höhe: 72 m

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    Patrik Eriksson – the mad inventor (moved from comments)

    I guess I am one of the closest listeners to the great alternator; just a wee bit north of Gothenburg. But, my receiving equipment is somewhat extraordinary – a self-built analog music synthesiser!
    As the transmitter frequency is well within the bandwidth of my audio processing circuits I realised that they could possibly be used as a VLF receiver. One of the synthesisers VCOs were used as a local oscillator, tuned to something like 17,8 kc/s (btw, ‘the grand old lady’ is far more stable than my music oscillators. There is no room for a mammoth flywheel in here… :) ) A long wire as an improvised antenna was then connected through the synths preamplifer, then mixed with the VCO into the ring modulator unit (4-quadrant multiplier). The resulting signal at a few hundred Hz was then fed through a 4-pole low/bandpass filter and on to the loudspeakers.

    Now, I’m just a musician and audio engineer with limited, to say the least, experience in antennas and frequencies above hearing range. I had a result, but just barely. With careful listening and tuning of the filter I could hear most of the transmission, but almost drowned in other forms of noise in my setup. My next plan is to spend the time until christmas transmission to learn and design a proper antenna, and a better (less noise, more gain) preamp cirquit.
    Such a lovely reason to learn and look deeper into analog topics in this digitalised world!

    Also, I have to admit to a wee bit of ‘cheating’; I did have the dutch SDR online too, as a backup plan / reference. 😉

    I will stay tuned…



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    Hans G. Diederich / DK2XV (moved from comments)

    Dear team of Grimeton Radio,

    I am very glad that “the ”old lady” is ready again.” and that no permanant harm did remain, and that nobody was injured. I sent my somehow lengthy reception report as smail to you this morning.

    What I have ti mention here is …
    Grimeton Radio is the first technical machine, after vessels, which was spoken of in the femininum. I suppose, some of your team were active in the “Swedisch Kriegsmarine” or/and were active as radio officers on civil sea going vessels.
    How you managed to take a technical major problem to give sufficient information to your website’s readers, not only explainen very detailed what the reason was, how you managed to cope with the problem and to get on the air soon, to meet the afternoon schedule, all this together is a very good example how to make good, modern and efficient communication work to the public.
    I do wish you and all your coworkers, the whole team, the very best in the future, personally and together and with Grimeton Radio (SAQ). I am always very happy (especially as a former professional “brass pounder”) when I here “vvv de SAQ” …

    Kind regards
    Hans G. Diederich, DK2XV

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    Granby Amateur Radio Club / VE2CRG (moved from comments)

    SAQ heard 5700 km away in FN35rk near Granby QC Canada, some 32 km northwest of R.A. Fessenden’s birthplace. Call sign copied around 11h43 UTC, some letters copied out of second message broadcast.

    Tuned 1.7m diamond loop, FET balanced preamp, Heros Technology VLF converter.

    Team: Jimmy VE2JWH, François VE2AAY, Stéphane VE2PSU,
    Mario VA2RMC, Yvan VA2DYB, Claude VE2CLW.

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