Hem SAQ Forum SAQ Transmissions Alexanderson Day Transmission June 28, 2015 Granby Amateur Radio Club / VE2CRG


Granby Amateur Radio Club / VE2CRG (moved from comments)

SAQ heard 5700 km away in FN35rk near Granby QC Canada, some 32 km northwest of R.A. Fessenden’s birthplace. Call sign copied around 11h43 UTC, some letters copied out of second message broadcast.

Tuned 1.7m diamond loop, FET balanced preamp, Heros Technology VLF converter.

Team: Jimmy VE2JWH, François VE2AAY, Stéphane VE2PSU,
Mario VA2RMC, Yvan VA2DYB, Claude VE2CLW.


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