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    1) Somewhere on this forum is mention of a thermocouple to measure the alternator current delivered to the antenna. What is the antenna current under normal operation?

    2) What is the current in each tuning coil during normal operation?

    3) What is the Q factor of each tuning coil? Alternatively, what is the resistance of each tuning coil?

    Thanks in advance.


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      Hi Jens

      Thank you for the link to the book.

      Re: “How can the “SAQ team” determine that one of the 6 leads is out of tune?”

      If the antenna is operating correctly, the currents in each download should have a similar magnitude and be substantially in phase. Monitoring the downlead currents would, in principal, tell you if there is a fault. I do not know if the SAQ team monitor downlead current during operation.

      The following blog on Alexanderson and the Grimeton antenna system might be of interest: https://www.plextek.com/giants-and-small-antennas/

      Best regards


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      Jens Romeikat

      I found this book at “archive,org” :
      “Technical Description Of The Alexanderson System For Radio Telegraph And Radio Telephone Transmission
      by Bucher, Elmer Eustice”

      There are a lot of detailed information in this book to find.
      There is also shown a drawing where voltages and currents are matched in individual antennas of
      the multiple tuned Antenna.

      I find it impressive that the Alexanderson antenna requires “only” 180 KW in comparison to a “Marconi flat top” antenna, which would require 1330 KW.

      A less specific question for me is:
      How can the “SAQ team” determine that one of the 6 leads is out of tune?


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