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    Rabbe Fogelholm

    As announced, there were no Alexanderson Day transmissions over the air this summer. There are Youtube recordings to enjoy though!

    Replaying the early session, the vvv-de-saq loop went on for a couple of minutes, the audio pitch from the on-station receiver starting at 1074 Hz and dropping to 1060 Hz. The sending speed was approximately 15.8 WPM.

    During the telegram transmission frequency stability was quite good, the audio pitch staying within 1062-1068 Hz. The sending speed, as estimated from sent characters, was 15.7 WPM and the overall sending speed was 15.3 WPM, due to somewhat long inter-word spaces.

    With the late session vvv-de-saq loop there was some “QRM” due to ongoing talk, so my WPM estimate is not to trust. The audio pitch varied between 1061 and 1064 Hz.

    The second telegram transmission went very similar to the first one: audio pitch 1065-1068 Hz, per-character WPM 15.7 and overall WPM 15.1.

    Last but not least, the code quality of the telegrams was impressive, of the order 2 garbled characters out of 1000.

    Fingers crossed that the repair work is successful, so that there can be over-the-air transmissions again!

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