Hem SAQ Forum SAQ Transmissions DH2ID will be QRV on Madeira island for the Christmas Eve broadcast

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    Alexander Hahn

    Hi all, I just read that the antenna has been repaired! Congrats!
    Now I’ll try to receive the X-mas broadcast on Madeira.
    I’ll take an RF-Space SDRIQ receiver and a ML-200 active
    loop antenna. As I’ve been to this hotel a few times I hope to
    set up the loop on the balcony there.
    Next year we’ll visit Sweden and will stop at Grimeton on our way
    to Göteborg and the Vänern. I have been to Sweden 5 times for
    sailing and fishing and love the country and the people.
    Hejhej and Gob Jul!
    73, Alex – DH2ID

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      Alexander Hahn


      thank you for your christmas transmission on the 24. December 2016.

      I could see very faint signals on my screen but could decode only a few words.

      My report therefore is only 224 this time.

      My location and equipment:

      Canico de Baixo on Madeira island, locator IM12np IOTA AF-014

      Receiver: RFSPACE SDRIQ
      Software: CW Skimmer
      Antenna: ML-200 Magnetic loop

      We wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year 2017,
      73 from Madeira,
      Alex – DH2ID

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      Alexander Hahn

      Sorry for the typo: God Jul! 🙂

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