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    What can the transmitter send besides just Morse code? Can the station receive at all?

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      I found this description of Kungsbacka Receiver Station https://www.radiomuseet.se/medlem/audionen2/nr4_2005/kung.html

      also noted that the Receiver antenna “consisted of two copper wires set up on 9 m tall telephone poles along a stretch of about 13.4 km, over Kungsbackaån and southeast out through Hanhals and Fjärås parishes to Skärsjön on the south side of Lygnern”

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      Ok, thanks!

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      The Alexanderson alternator was in fact designed to transmit both morse code and speech, however the unit at World Heritage Grimeton Radio Station in Sweden is able to send morse code only, this due to the antenna design. The energy in the antenna at resonance is much higher than the input from the transmitter. That means that there is a rise and decay time of some ten milliseconds on the antenna when keying down. This limitation in the antenna will allow only morse code to be sent.
      The Grimeton site did not have any means to receive the return signal from the transmission site at Rocky Point on Long Island, US. Instead a dedicated receiving station was located in the city of Kungsbacka, located some 50km north of Grimeton. This arrangement with two separate sites was made in order not to take any risks that the transmission should disturb the reception.

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