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    Hermann Scharfetter

    Dear SAQ team,
    The signal of SAQ on 17.2kHz was received in Graz, (AT, 15° 26′ 17″ O / 47° 4′ 16″ N) during both transmissions at 9:00 and 12:00 UTC on July-02-2023.
    SNR was good with 20 – 25 dB mostly. Used antennas:
    (1) Wellbrook ALA1530 (flex version) with self built loop (4 windings, 1 m diameter) ca 12m above ground
    (2) self-built suqare loop with ca 1m x 1m, 7turns at the same height as (1) and a self-built preamplifier as current/voltage converter with low-noise OpAmps
    The receiver was a RSPdx SDR by SDRPlay. The signal was recorded in wideband mode.
    SNR was somewhat better with antenna (2) than with (1)

    Best greetings and 73
    Hermann (OE6TWF)

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