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    Bob Kinner

    Part of the process of starting the alternator involves starting the 500V and 250V “rectifiers”. Are these copper oxide or mercury vapor rectifiers, or are they actually motor-generator sets?

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      Bob Kinner

      Thank you!

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      The two DC generator sets for 125/250 V DC consist of two 125 V DC generators each and between these is an induction motor as the drive motor. These DC generators are self-magnetizing, that means they initially build up a voltage by means of remanent magnetism, and then the field winding receives its current from the armature winding. Some consumers need 125 V DC, e.g. relays for speed control and keying as well as the control motors for the antenna connecting switch and the variometer, and receives voltage from one generator. For objects that need 250 V DC, the two generators are connected in series. The magnetic amplifier, the field winding of the high frequency generator and the field windings of the 500 V DC generators use 250 V DC.
      Only one of these DC generators is in operation, the other is redundancy.

      The 500 V DC generator sets consist each of a 500 V DC generator powered by an induction motor. The only function of these DC power supplies is to supply control current to the four transductors that are included in the speed control and are connected in the drive motor supply lines. These DC generators receive their field current from the 250 V DC generators.
      Only one of these DC generators is in operation.Only one of these DC generators is in operation, the other is redundancy.

      Fredrik / Alexander association

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