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    Uwe Kraaz

    Here again the info to insulator-solution :

    The german factory Porzellanfabrik Hermsdorf (I have worked former in Hermsdorf, I know some peoples in this surrounding) can perhaps
    build the insulators for you. I spoke today with the manager Mrs. Kaiser from Porzellanfabrik Hermsdorf and after I have sent her the
    mail about the insulator-problem (the cc from them to you).
    We think the best solution is the sending from a defect insulator to Hermsdorf. Mrs. Kaiser have some pictures from the defect insulator from me, but that
    is not enough information for new production.

    Address in Hermsdorf :

    Porzellanfabrik Hermsdorf GmbH
    Keramikerstraße 5-7
    D-07629 Hermsdorf/Thüringen

    Sybille Kaiser
    Tel.: +49-(0)3 66 01-9 37 30
    E-mail: sybille.kaiser@pofahermsdorf.de


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