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    Raimund Donalies

    Hello, my name is Raimund and I’ve been lstening to both transmissions last sunday, 4th of July. Unfortunately the signal was very weak this time, a big floor of noise around it (maybe from statics). Like the years before, I used my FD4 Antenna as a T-Antenna into a Datong converter VLF up to 28 MC, feeding a kenwood TS 480 as receiver. I also tested to reiceive SAQ with my “Pocked VLF-RX” the signal was weak but a little more clear. Now Iḿ looking forward for the netxt transmission (24.12.2021?)an I’ll check my equipment to incfrease its performance. 73 de Raimund DH8RD. Thanks to the crew operating th alexanderson generaor. Iwatched the livestream via YouTube to

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