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    Bernhard Lueck

    Hi all, my name ist bernhard (DK1BL) from germany near duesseldorf (JO31FH). A radio amateur friend and I started our 1st try to receive SAQ last sunday. Our setup was a bikeloop antenna with a brodband VLF loop amplifier connected to a soundcard. The CW decode was done with the pgm saqrx.exe on a windows PC. The 2nd setup was a selective opamp based receiver with a 5m vertical wire antenna also connected to PCs soundcard. Best reception was via the broadband bikeloop, but the signal was quite weak. About 80% of the CW signals were decoded by pgm cwget. It was a very nice event to listen to the SAQ transmission. I’ll try to improve the receiver performance and looking forward to the next transmission. Congrats to the whole SAQ community for such a nice historical event.


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