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    Wolfgang sprodofsky

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

    I have received your Transmission yesterday (02.07.2022) at 12 UTC with RST 359 with many QRN at 17,2kHz on my QTH 13507 Berlin , loc: JO62PN (52°34’42,60”N , 13°16’36,15”E).

    My Hardware for your Station:

    Ant : End-Fed 24m grounded with many buried radials
    VLF-Converter : (0…600)kHz —> (2000…2600)kHz with Tubes , Home-made
    TRX : FT991A , Mode CW , BW: 100 Hz , Noise-Blanker off
    Decoder-SW : CW-Get

    vy 73 es 55 de Wolfgang , DM2SP

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