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    More information about the transmission
    The transmission is on 17,2 kHz CW.
    Startup of the transmitter around 16.30 UTC
    Transmission of a message at 17.00 UTC
    You can also watch a live video stream of the transmission on https://www.alexander.n.se.
    No QSL-cards will be given this time and no List of Reports will be constructed but we accept shorter Listeners Report to e-mail info@alexander.n.se.

    *The world heritage site Grimeton is a living cultural heritage. All transmissions with the long-wave transmitter SAQ are therefore preliminary and may be cancelled with short notice.

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    Test transmissions were visible in Amberg (DL0AO) and Nuernberg (DF6NM) yesterday Oct 23 17:35-18:10, and this morning Oct 24, 8:05-8:25 UT. But nothing during the announced afternoon period.

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    There was no transmission tonight because of a fault with the generator, which failed to start after three attempts (watched live on the YouTube feed).

    We hope for better luck at Christmas.


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    Ausserhalb von Zürich an geeignetem Standort mit zwei Empfängern und zwei Antennen (E-Feldsonde und magn.) kein Empfang. Die norwegische Marine ist sichtbar, nicht aber SAQ. No trace of SAQ using 2 RX and 2 antannas. 73, Christoph, HB9DUF

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    Weak traces little below 17.1 kHz here in Moscow.
    73 de RU5C

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    Wolfgang – DL2YBF

    near Bielefeld absolut nothing…
    73 de Wulf -DL2YBF-

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    Harald Wickenhaeuser

    Unfortunately nothing heard at scheduled time(s) near Munich, Germany
    73, Harald, DK 1 OP

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